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We are one of the Global Teams located in Europe & Africa, a Well-being Foods and Amino Acids Provider that originated in Japan.

The Ajinomoto Group, with 34 thousand staff members working globally, is devoted to finding innovative solutions in food and health areas for people and for the globe, by extending healthy life expectancy of 1 billion people, and by reducing environmental burdens by 50% by 2030. Our Team Ajinomoto Europe & Africa, includes 3,500 colleagues working in 12 countries. Diversity & Inclusion is an important part of our company culture and values, as is Innovation & Sustainability. For this aggressive ambition to be in place, we believe your participation will definitely contribute to making this happen, therefore, we would love to connect with you. Let’s embody our ambitions together! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Masami KashiwakuraGeneral Manager, Europe & Africa Division

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I have been working at Ajinomoto Istanbul as a Cash and Risk Manager for about five years. My personal development journey started at the Faculty of Business Administration and continued in 2001 when I began my career. I spent 3 years in IT and the sustainable goods sector followed by 19 years in the food industry. Throughout my career, I have worked at all levels in the Finance Department.
Ajinomoto has been a completely different experience for me in terms of working for an international company. Ajinomoto’s ethical values and people-oriented working approach are in harmony with my view of life. I’ve had the opportunity to work with different subsidiaries and units of global Ajinomoto and this has helped me to change and evolve. This company has become my home, my family and I am proud to be a part of Ajinomoto.

I graduated from a catering high school and completed my degree in the field of patisserie. In 2017, before the merger with the Ajinomoto Group, I started my career at Castelsarrasin factory which produces macarons, as a pastry operator for preparing creams to fill macarons. Now I’m in charge of all kind of fillings as an assistant manager. Since the factory integrated Ajinomoto Group in 2017, we’ve had more ambitious projects and I believe that there are many more opportunities to help me develop my career. We are looking for candidates for many positions in several areas. Hence, I encourage you to apply to join our company and contribute to our wonderful projects!

Wow! Already over two decades with the great Ajinomoto Foods Nigeria Family. I started at Kano branch as a Sales Representative and then went on to work in other branches in the northern region all the way over to Kenya before I came back to Lagos Head office. Let’s continue to consolidate our leading position, improve the visibility of our brand and accelerate our market penetration rate to all households and enhance communication of the safety and benefits of AJI-NO-MOTO®. I appreciate the support and strong professional bond of all my teammates and colleagues. It has indeed been an amazing two decades with AFN.

I started my story with Ajinomoto in 2016 as a Marketing Specialist. At the beginning I was responsible for various marketing projects for the company’s own brands (including SAMSMAK®, OYAKATA®), as well as the Polish and foreign brands of private clients. Then I was promoted to Junior Product Manager, to finally take on the position of Brand Manager of the main brand, OYAKATA®. Currently, I’m responsible for creating the OYAKATA® brand strategy, planning and supervising the budget and introducing new products.
Ajinomoto has given me an opportunity to make a real impact on the significant development of the OYAKATA® brand and has encouraged me to grow further, while managing local and international marketing campaigns, both online and offline.


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