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Amino Science

  • Amino Acids & Personal Care

    Amino acids constitute 20% of the human body and are highly demanded materials for personal care and cosmetic ingredients. Providing the source of life to all forms of living beings, the potential of amino acids and their derivative technology is huge.

  • Pharmaceutical CDMO Services

    As a key supplier of intermediates and APIs, we are a trusted CDMO partner in the pharmaceutical sector. Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services is a global CDMO service network which unites the expertise of five group companies from the EU, USA, India and Japan.

  • Natural Specialties

    Since 1947, our botanical extraction business contributes to various industries from brewing, wine and food, to textiles, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. Today Natural Specialities is a world leader in the production of gallotannins and grape seed extracts for a broad range of applications.

  • Nutrition for Plants

    For locally adapted and sustainable agriculture, we have combined two specialties, biostimulants (by Agro2Agri) and formulation development (Tensiofix®), and established a world-wide agro-solution network.