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Ajinomoto Europe S.A.S.

Ajinomoto Europe S.A.S, Headquarters of Europe & Africa Division of the Ajinomoto Group, offers management support and guidance for all sales and marketing activities led by the regional subsidiaries.

Ajinomoto Foods Europe S.A.S.

Ajinomoto Foods Europe consists of two divisions: Solutions and Ingredients Division (SID) that provides ingredients for the food industry; and Consumers Division (CD) that specializes in frozen products sold to supermarkets and catering professionals. Discover more about our divisions and about our business via our dedicated websites!

Ajinomoto Frozen Foods France S.A.S.

We’re frozen food manufacturing company unifies the two production sites in France (Le Neubourg and Castelsarrasin)

Agro2Agri, S.L.

Agro2Agri is a group of companies that provides BioSolutions that solve the challenges of modern agriculture and the food chain. We help to feed a fast-growing population by increasing crop yields ensuring sustainability and the lowest possible environmental impact. We make it possible, thanks to our biocycle production system based on our philosophy of circular bioeconomy “Returning to the earth what it gives 2 us.”
(Agro2Agri has 7 subsidiaries in Spain, Kenya, Russia and China).

S.A. Ajinomoto OmniChem N.V.

Ajinomoto OmniChem is a leading global business partner for Pharmaceutical APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and Intermediates, Natural Specialties, Agro Solutions and Amino Acids. We are committed to supplying the highest quality products and services, based on our innovative and reliable research, flexible production, and market responsiveness.

Ajinomoto Poland Sp.z.o.o.

Based on the know-how of the native company in Japan, Ajinomoto Poland develops a line of Japanese instant soups and dishes with noodles under the OYAKATA® and YUMYUM® brands. The company is also the producer for leading clients in the Polish market, as well as for brands of major foreign customers from the European Union.

Ajinomoto Istanbul Food Industry and Trade Ltd. Co.

At the crossroads between European, Asian and Mediterranean civilizations, Turkey has a very rich food culture. As a member of the Ajinomoto group in Istanbul, we produce delicious savours in 7 categories for Turkey’s domestic market and two popular brands: Kemal Kükrer® (Vinegar, Sauces) and Bizim Mutfak® (Soup, Stock, Meal Mix, Seasoning, Powder Dessert) for international markets

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Ajinomoto Foods Egypt S.A.E

Ajinomoto Foods Egypt was established in Cairo, Egypt in 2011. We began by importing and selling Umami seasoning (MSG), Aji-no-moto®. In October 2017, the company launched a new rice menu seasoning product, Spice Mix®, composed of Umami seasoning and spices.

Ajinomoto Foods Nigeria LTD

AJINOMOTO Foods Nigeria is a food seasoning manufacturing and marketing company that was established in Nigeria in 1991 with a factory located in Apapa, Lagos. Totally committed to providing our numerous customers with the best quality, safe, high-valued, differentiated products that meet their needs and desires, and conform to regulatory requirements.

Activities in Ajinomoto
Europe & Africa Region

Unlocking the power of amino acids,
the Ajinomoto Group is working to resolve food and health issues.

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History in
Ajinomoto Europe & Africa Region

We have heritage of 110 years to be proud of.
One small business that began in Japan has expanded to Europe and Africa over the course of its 110 years history.