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Eat Well, Live Well.

Unlocking the power of amino acids and actively contributing to the well-being of future generations


Welcome to
Ajinomoto Europe & Africa Region

We represent the Ajinomoto Group in Europe and Africa. We offer lasting solutions for food and health issues, staying true to our original aspiration “Eat well, Live well.”

17 subsidiaries
13 factories
11 countries with sales offices
over 3,500 employees

Amino acids – are you familiar with their benefits?
Why are they so special?

Amino acids are the source of life and at the core of our business.
Humans, plants, animals and all living things on earth would not exist without amino acids.

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A new way of life, to "Eat Well, Live Well".


Every company in the Ajinomoto Group will strive to provide a workplace environment that empowers employees to realize their full potential, so that they and the company can grow together.