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  • Frozen Foods

    The Ajinomoto® brand is the reference for frozen foods in Japan. Discover a variety of authentic Japanese dishes, including Japanese N°1 Gyoza in the frozen gyoza category. To prepare a delicous Japanese dish has never been so simple! Our products are available both for consumers and for the food services.

  • Instant Noodles

    Easy to stock, carry and prepare. Instant ramen soup noodles and the Yakisoba sauce noodles are part of daily life in Japan. As noodle culture has no borders, beside the OYAKATA® brand, you'll find our European style SAMSMAK® and Asian style YUMYUM® brand noodle products side by side.

  • Food Solutions & Ingredients

    Ajinomoto means "the essence of taste". For over a century since the discovery of Umami, Ajinomoto group has provided solutions for tasty and healthy food products. Discover our portfolio for delicous solution.